Sunday, June 28, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Morbid Stories"

The Gist: A compilation of supernatural happenings that coincide with a girl evacuating during a vampire/zombie outbreak.

Female Vampire Factor: In the fourth and final story of the film titled "More Than You Can Chew" a vampire (Krystal Pixie Adams) who is suffering from severe hunger pains decides to go out and find a victim before her boyfriend comes over.
When she gets out she finds what she believes to be the perfect victim.
Unfortunately that victim ends up being a zombie who ends up biting her back. 
 Her human boyfriend comes to visit her and when she realizes something is wrong tries to get him to leave. He believes that she might be high on drugs (after seeing a syringe in her bedroom) and refuses to leave. From there she begins to go feral from the zombie bite and feeds on him.

Final Opinion: So a quick rundown of the film.
Story 1 "Invasive Species" is a group of vampires attacking a couple in their home.

Story 2 "3 Months" is a group of the most annoying teenagers in the world summoning a demon who inhabits one of their bodies and eats the rest. The title is in reference to one of the girls being 3 months away from her 18th birthday as her whiny entitled boyfriend begs her to run away with him.

Story 3 "Writers Beware"is an author renting out a house in the middle of nowhere to hide after killing someone in a car accident.  Unknowingly the house is haunted by a demon which he releases.

It's hard to really enjoy this film since it's one of those where every character is ridiculously annoying. One of my major pet peeves with these independent films is when the dialogue is 90% arguing and cussing each other out for "dramatic affect" since in reality it just makes you pretty much hate every character in it thus you really don't care what happens to them other than you hope it happens quickly to get them off the screen and shuts them up. The key to a good horror film is the fear coming from you hoping the victims survive and close calls making you think they won't.  If the people you're watching are established as downright horrible and annoying people you aren't horrified when something happens to them, instead you feel it's karma (and even in those cases it doesn't matter unless you establish a good person to root for who benefits from the karma).

I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  You can't really go wrong with feral vampires but even that segment would have benefited from not having the arguing leading up to it.  Not to mention the vampire reveal would have better been used as a surprise as she turned feral (having the bite scene shown as a flashback as she turned). Had it been just a loving couple on a date with the girl starting to act strange leading up to finding out she's a vampire going feral and the boyfriend having to struggle with running away or hoping to get through to her it would have been much better. As it currently is, guy came off as a condescending jerk so again, who really cares if he's killed.

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