Sunday, June 21, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Therapy for a Vampire"

The Gist: A vampire while attending therapy finds that the girlfriend of the artist contracted to draw his dreams is the doppelganger of his first love and has limited time to reincarnate the original into the new body. Problem is not only is she in a relationship but she's very head strong and he's married to a very vain and jealous vampire and his servant also has eyes for her.

Female Vampire Factor: The main antagonist of the film is the Countess Gräfin Elsa von Közsnöm (Jeanette Hain)
The countess is very vain and constantly bugs the count about her looks.  He is very much no longer into the marriage which is the bases of all his therapy sessions.  When he finds the girl who looks like his first love named Emily (Cornelia Ivancan) the count devises a plan where he uses her boyfriend Viktor to distract the countess while he works on Emily.  He tells her that Viktor can paint her so she can see how beautiful she is. These painting sessions don't really go well as Viktor is very clumsy and multiple times ends up hurting himself leaving the countess to try to control her blood lust long enough to get the paining done.
Eventually Viktor finishes the painting which ends up looking like Emily which the countess doesn't notice.  When she goes back to the castle to show the count she catches him with Emily.  When she realizes the painting is of her this sends her into a rage and she attacks and bites Emily.
The count takes Emily to his therapist to watch over her while he figures out how to keep her human.  While this happens Viktor finds her there in bed with the therapist and thinks she's seducing him when she's actually biting him. 
Emily has very little memory of what's been going on as she's always hypnotized during her meetings with the the count. She does realize she's now a vampire and let's Viktor know that she wants to turn him so they can be together forever.
This is short lived as the countess kidnaps both and ties them up leading to a final battle between the count and countess that ends with her accidentally staking herself while trying to stake the count as a neighbor opens the door leading to her running into it.
Before they can relax the counts servant kidnaps Emily and gives her a blood transfusion taking away her vampirism. When she realizes she's human again she begs the count to turn her back when the count finds her.   He attempts to bite her but in the process ends up getting her neckless and losing his fangs.  After realizing this he disappears into the night.

The film ends with the therapist reading up on the side effects of being bitten by a vampire and the counts servant is his newest patient.  The last scene shows Viktor and Emily and their life together with her now being a vampire.

Final Opinion: Can't say enough positive about this film  It's a very entertaining dark comedy with a very clever take on jealousy and toxic relationships as well as one of the few films to dive into the concept of a vampire bride not being cool with the wandering eyes of the count.  Most importantly you have a movie with a strong female vampire lead who is a predator and not a sympathetic character in any way and the object of the male vampires lust does get turned and you don't have to wait until the last 2 seconds of the film for it to happen.  For that I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.

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