Sunday, June 28, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Thirst (1979)"

The Gist: A woman of high society is kidnapped by a brood of blood drinking upper class people who have determined she is the next to join their society due to her lineage relation to Elizabeth Bathory.

Female Vampire Factor: The story revolves around a wealthy aris named Kate Davis (Chantal Contouri).
As mentioned she gets kidnapped and taken to a resort where people are being farmed for their blood so that the rich and high society people running it get to drink it.  It's even delivered to their homes disguised as milk.
The goal is for the society to use brain washing methods to train Kate to accept them and most importantly thirst for blood.  The results in a good portion of the film being really trippy as Kate has horrific visions of pretty much everything becoming bloody.
Eventually they believe that the brainwashing has worked.  She's given her fangs and allowed back into the real world. Unfortunately for the society while she does give into the urge to feed she always immediately regrets it which means they're belief may have been wrong.
One of the members of the society Dr. Frazer decides to go against the group and free both Kate and her boyfriend Derek (who was also been kidnapped).  This ends up being a ruse as the turning was a part of the conditioning programming and the last you see is her giving in to being one of them while being bitten by Dr. Frazer.  As this happens you overhear a conversation where the Dr. is congratulated for successfully converting her.

Final Opinion: This was a GREAT movie.  The entire film revolved around does the beautiful protagonist get turned?  On top of that it's not about supernatural vampires but there was fangs and it was still somewhat supernatural.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Had she just become a vampire and turned on her friends and family (which was almost hinted at during the false ending prior to her snapping out of the indoctrination) it probably would have been given a full 5.

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