Sunday, July 5, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Age of the Living Dead"

The Gist: During a vampire apocalypse a young female vampire falls in love with a human and decides to help the surviving humans against her kind.

Female Vampire Factor: So since half the country is vampires you see a lot of background female vampires.  Especially members of the council.

Only two get real screen time as part of the main story.  You have Marie (Eve Mauro)
Marie's "daughter" is the female vampire that's gone missing to go help the humans.  It's later found out that Marie is the human commander Gerry's wife and the mother to his son Adam that they believed had been killed.  That technically makes Yvonne and her love interest Adam adopted half brother and sister,

Then you have Yvonne (Nicola Posener)
She doesn't feed on humans and is genetically engineered to look like one and can walk in the sun. She is the only main character vampire that fangs out in the series and she only does it when she's being cured of her vampirism in episode 5.

Otherwise only one other femme vamp fangs out in the entire series.  A nameless vampire soldier that attacks Gerry in episode 5.

Final Opinion:  The is a very good show to be honest.  Vampires have taken over the eastern United States and the remaining humans live on the west with no one living in between which is now known as "no mans land".  The vampires have developed a way to synthesize blood so instead of living up to a truce with the humans they've decided to exterminate them. The vampiress Yvonne wants to help save the humans as she does not want to be a vampire. While all this is happening foreign governments are deciding whether to cut all losses and just nuke the country.

From a vampiress standpoint you aren't going to get far as seeing any female vampirism since it's more of a conflict show.  Basically episode 5 gives you all the female fangs of the entire series so I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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