Sunday, July 5, 2020

Vampires Review: "House of Frankenstain 97"

The Gist: A Detective with the help of Frankenstein's monster must save a woman from a vampire.  Unknowing to both him and the woman that she is a werewolf.

Female Vampire Factor: While the Vampire "Chrispian Grimes" does have a female henchman at a night club he owns who works as the bartender
 the only female vampire who fangs out in the film is Graces (aka the films damsel in distress) roommate Felicity played by former CSI star Jorja Fox.
In the film the vampire Grimes turns her in order to have her keep tabs on his love interest Grace. When Grimes realizes that Grace only has eyes for the detective sent to protect her he sends Felicity to finish him off.  She does not make it out of the confrontation though as she gets staked by the paranormal expert who was advising detective Coyle.

Final Opinion:  This was an NBC made for TV mini-series based on a film of the same title from 1944 which unfortunately I have not seen yet to compare.  With the above scenes being the only female vampirism in an entire mutli-part mini series this one gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  While Grace is a werewolf  there is no real transformation as werewolves in this film are shape shifters. On top of that all the above vampire scenes are very quick fang flashes. The film is more crime drama than horror overall.  Somewhat like Dark Shadows with less vampirism.

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