Sunday, March 1, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Innocence"

The Gist: After losing her mother a young girl and her father move to a new town.  When she starts at her new exclusive private school she begins to get a bad feeling about the adults associated with it.

Female Vampire Factor: The Big twist is that all the real housewife like adult women associated with the school are vampires who live off the blood of virgin girls in order to live forever.
and they use the school psychiatrist to vet the girls in order to know who is pure and who isn't.
The main protagonist a girl named Becket (Sophie Lane Curtis) starts to feel something is up when a girl at the school jumps to her death right in front of her and after doing some research finds that suicides at that school aren't exactly a rare occurrence.
All the while the school nurse Pamela (Kelly Reilly) has pretty much called dibs on Beckets pure blood and started seducing her father as a way to get to Becket while using the excuse of "Trying to nurse her back to health" to get alone time with her.

Eventually the women get their hands on Becket and begin a ceremony for Pamela (who is the apparent leader of the group) to finally drink her blood and steal Beckets youth.  When she does she finds out Beckets blood is no longer innocent (she snuck into her boyfriend Tobeys room and seduced him once she realized the virginity was what was making her a target).
After realizing her blood is useless to her, Pamela switches gears from wanting to drink her blood to wanting to turn Becket and make her one of them which Becket rejects.
(SPOILER ALERT) or so we thought.  As the film ends Pamela is killed via being stabbed with a knife which kills all the other women who were turned from her bloodline as well.
In the last scene you see a now vampire Becket's eyes glowing as her boyfriend Tobey embraces her after believing she was saved .

Final Opinion: I absolutely loved this movie.  It's pretty much what the movies Valemont and The Sisterhood should have been.  The only down side is that these are fangless vampires with the glowing eyes being their only supernatural tell but none the less they check every other box on the "hot sneaky seductive" vampire check list.
 I give this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5 with literally the lack of fangs keeping it from a full 5. 

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