Sunday, March 1, 2020

Vampiress TV Review: Batwoman
"Drink Me"
Season 1
Episode 13

Batwoman is the newest DC comics series in what is known as the "Arrowverse" debuting in 2019 on the CW network.  Not to be confused with Barbera Gordons "Batgirl" who fought alongside Batman in the comics, Batwoman was developed in 2006 as more of a replacement for Batman who takes up his mantle after he's gone.

Batwoman is the secret identity of Kate Kane who is the cousin of Bruce Wayne.  Kate stumbles upon the bat cave and enlists the help of the son of Bruce Waynes head of technology (and batman suit creater Lucious Fox), Luke to help her become the new Bat person in Gotham City hoping to follow in the footsteps of her cousin (similar to Supergirls goal to live up to Superman).

One of the main things that makes the show stick out is it's heavy LGBTQ theme.  The Kate Kane character is a lesbian and like most superhero's her complicated love life when she's not fighting crime is heavily explored.    A bonus is one of her love interests in season 1 "Reagan" is played by Brianne Howey who played the sexy vampire Shaunna Babcock in the shamefully short lived Fox vampire series "The Passage".

Female Vampire Factor: This episode introduces DC comics vampire villain Nocturna
The live action version of her here is played by Kayla Ewell formally a vampire as Vickie from the Vampire Diaries.

Summary: Club kids around Gotham city are being found hanging dead and drained of their blood and Batwoman is on the case.  Kate devises a plan to have a blood drive to bring Nocturna out which unfortunately puts her family in danger as Nocturna ends up coincidentally targeting her estranged sister Beth (the villain Alice) as well as her step sister Mary who is a guest at the party.
The Nocturna portion of the episode is pretty much throw away fodder as the bulk of the episode follows the main reoccurring plot of Batwoman and her alter ego Kates ex Sophie's attraction to each other and her relationship with her estranged twin sister Beth/Alice.  This would also be the episode in which her step sister Mary figures out Kate is Batwoman.  Basically they cared so little about the Nocturna character that it's just explained away through an in show radio broadcast that Nocturna was arrested and sent to Arkham Asylum to write her off after a fight with Batwoman.

The biggest disappointment regarding this version of Nocturna is this is the Batman version of her "Natalie Knight" and is played off as just a girl with a skin condition who cosplays as a vampire.
Not the supernatural vampire from the Batwoman comic "Natalie Mitternacht" who in that comic is an actual vampire who has romantic interest in Kate Kane and uses hypnosis to get her even resulting in Batwoman herself becoming a vampire. 
A dream Sequence from the Batwoman comic #33
That storyline would have been awesome to introduce Nocturna as a re-occurring character as opposed to this which just uses her as a one episode distraction to the shows main characters storylines.

This one does have fangs but they are revealed to be artificial and she uses them to inject her victims with poison that paralyses them instead of for blood drinking purposes (she hangs her victims up and hooks them to IV bags for that.)  For at least having fangs and one somewhat hot bedroom scene to start the episode  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5

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