Sunday, March 15, 2020

Vampiress Music Video: Solace in Exiles "The Gift"

"The Gift" 
Solace in Exile 
Produced in 2015

Solace of Exile is a rock band based out of Sydney, Australia and have been together since 1999. They have an official website which can be viewed HERE but there isn't too much information on it. 
The bulk of this 5 plus minute music video is the band playing in what looks like a garage.  Scattered in between is scenes of people walking at  night being stalked by mysterious people waiting in the shadows.   The last minute of the music video reveals those people to be vampires who then attack those they were stalking.  This includes three beautiful female vampires in red dresses (two of which played by Lauren Poole, Hannah Moy) attacking the band. 

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