Sunday, March 8, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Eat Locals"

The Gist: A guy named Sabastion thinking he's going out on a date is unknowingly being recruited by a group of vampires.  When he isn't unanimously accepted by the group he ends up being hunted by them who are themselves being hunted by a group of mercenaries.  Neither group wanting witnesses.

Female Vampire Factor: The Vampire group consists of 7 members with 3 of them being female.
First you have Alice (Anette Crosbie) who is the grandmotherly one who uses her age to lour people into a false sense of security but is pretty devious.
 She only fangs out once in the film when she sneezes which accidentally exposes what they are to their guest Sabastion in the films beginning.

Then there's Vanessa (Eve Myles) who is the seductress who brings the protagonist Sabastion into the situation in the first place.
She only flashes her fangs a few very quick times but is more of a sympathetic character overall.

And Finally there's Angel (Freema Agayeman)
She's pretty much the only vampire in the film that actually does anything vampiric.  She's quite bloodthirsty so when she's not fighting in the film she's feeding.  Needless to say she gets the most fang time of anyone in the film

Final Opinion: I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5. It's a very entertaining British action/horror/comedy but not a good vampire movie. (SPOILER ALERT) Angel does survive with Sebastion driving her and the other two remaining vampires off with the credits eluding to a sequel that would be called "Eat Global".  As of this writing there is nothing on a release date for that but at least we know if it does happen she should theoretically be in it.

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  1. Looks interesting but they made an unfortunate choice for fangs. :-(