Sunday, March 1, 2020

Vampiress TV Review: "Stan Against Evil"
Vampire Creek
Season 3
Episode 6

Stan Against Evil is a series that aired for three seasons on the Independent Film Channel.  The series is a horror comedy about a small town sheriff named Evie enlisting the help of the former sheriff of the town Stan to help her fight the demons and creatures that are haunting it.

In this episode the Evie's sister Denise receives a package as the winner of a contest for being the biggest fan of a vampire TV show. The prize is a mirror from the shows set.   The mirror begins calling her name and as she gets closer to it it sucks her in. 

Now in the world of the vampire show "Vampires Creek" but in reality the main vampire of the show begs for her to become his date for the vampire prom and his vampire bride forever.  While Denise who is in a relationship ponders her decision her family and Stan once they find out what happened devise a plan to go into the mirror to save her.

Female Vampire Factor: In an attempt to sneak up and bite Denise her vampire suitor accidentally bites and turns Evie instead who spends the remainder of the episode looking like a Hammer Horror bride.
While also getting super drunk off of blood which apparently has the same effect on vampires as alcohol.
Also during the vampire prom there are a lot of female vampire extra's.  One of which bites and turns Stan. 

Basically this was a parody of vampire teen dramas though everyone goes back to normal once they escape the mirror (which requires Denise to stab everyone through the heart to do).  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  Vampire Evie makes this episode who even the shows creator gave a shout out too for her look on twitter claiming inspiration from the House of Dark Shadows film.

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