Thursday, October 11, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Tales From the Hood 2"

The Gist: The Devil returns to tell a racist politician some tales of terror featuring mostly black victims.

Clarification: Basically the same format as 70's and 80's classics like Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside with the one connecting theme being they take place in urban settings.  In reality the stories are more "social justice lessons" than really horror.  There are 5 stories in all.

"Good Golly" is about a group that included an entitled Caucasian woman who breaks into a museum because she wanted a doll.  Thing is the doll is historical as it enforces negative stereotypes of black people and had ties to slavery.  Long story short, the doll comes to life and gives the entitled woman more than she could handle.

"The Medium" Is about a group of thugs who end up killing a man while trying to get information out of him about some missing loot.  They go to a television psychic to try to pry the information from his ghost but instead the ghost take its revenge on his murderers.

"The Sacrifice" is about the ghost of Emmet Till haunting a black man who has sold out for political power by giving into the conservative base of the southern town he lives in and making it so that if he doesn't see the error of his ways time will change to a world where the Civil Rights movement never happened..literally.

"Robo Hell" is the finale in which the politician the stories are being told to goes to a press conference to reveals his new patriotic robot who seeks out threats to America.  Unfortunately for him, after ridding the conference of all minorities he becomes the biggest threat to America in the room.

Female Vampire Factor: That brings us to the third story in the film titled "Date Night".  In this story two men are off to meet some women they found online.  After a game of "Cards against Humanity" the guys drug the women then when they finally feel the effect strip them down to their bra and panties to take pictures of them. Unfortunately for them they were just playing possum.  When they go to take their shots all that shows is the clothes with no one in them.  As they look up they learn the girls secret.  They're Vampires!

The girls take the men prisoner and eventually feed them to a group of feral vampires they have locked in their basement made up of their previous victims who turned as meeting men on the internet to feed on them is their game.

The vampire portion of the film is 100% for eye candy purposes (the only ones in the entire movie) so I'll give that segment a 4 out of 5.  As far as the entire movie though I can't really say that this segment is worth sitting through the whole film. Every segment is pretty much preaching through story telling but subtly exactly like Creepshow.  That is all but "The Sacrifice" which belongs no where near this film series and sticks out like a soar thumb.  Granted The Twilight Zone did politically inspired episodes occasionally but those were stand alone episodes.  Just seems super out of place to have a historical drama (there is no horror to this story at all) smack dab in the middle of a series featuring half naked vampires, killer robots and giant killer stuffed dolls.   While the vampire segment is an obvious nod to the #metoo movement it isn't as blatant and has no problem exploiting half naked women to make it's point keeping with the ridiculousness of the majority of the other stories.

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