Sunday, October 21, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Space Boobs in Space"

The Gist: A space talk show interviewing aliens regarding their first encounter with humans with random short films shown in between.

Clarification:  There is no clarifying this.  This definitely comes off as really bad reaction to drugs level absurd.  Lot's of weird makeup and brightly colored wigs talking complete gibberish and in between that is really short attempts at comedic parodies featuring situations like a woman paying a prostitute to play Operation on her crotch, a real estate agent trying to sell land to Jason Vorhees, A woman being stalked by ghostface (from the Scream franchise), an interview with a swamp monster and a woman being haunted by the ghost of her boyfriends ex. 

The general main subject of the talk show portion is boobs.  Though this is less B-movie softcore boobs and more Transvestite cabaret show boobs. 

Female Vampire Factor: The last short film is a bout two strippers who get their car and phone taken by some vampires and their attempt to get that stuff back.
They confront the vampires who then tell them they can have their stuff back if one of the women gives them a lap dance.
When the strippers oblige the vampire loses control and bites her (on the butt)
and in the worst twist ending I've seen in awhile after escaping, the stripper who gets bitten says she's hungry before her butt sprouts fangs and bites her friend.
This segment is probably the best thing you'll find in this film so I'll give just this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  It really isn't worth watching the rest to get to it though unless you're into the cabaret show scene.

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