Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Children of the Night" (2014)

The Gist: A female reporter stumbles on a hidden sanctuary for children who were turned into vampires.

Clarification: Originally titled "Limbo" the film is about a colony called Limbo.  The residents of the colony are vampires who were turned as children.  They are taken care of by a nurse who raises them as strict Catholics.  Thing is the nurse has a plan to use her children to feed on humans as a method of ridding the world of sinners.  The children aren't exactly safe as there is a group of slayers who know about them and want to destroy them.

There's also a side story of the woman finding out that her childhood love is one of the residents of the sanctuary and their struggling over their feelings for one another even though he hasn't aged since he was a child and she has.  Don't worry it's just as cringe worthy as it sounds.

Female Vampire Factor: Well yeah there's a bunch of them but since they're all little kids the Vampire Beauty Rating is a 1 out of 5
It is implied that the woman who finds Limbo is turned and they fake her death to allow her to stay there at the end of the film but we don't actually see it.  The kids themselves with the exception of "the count" act  just like regular kids unless they are threatened in which case they basically attack like piranha.
 Film isn't bad, definitely more drama than horror as the vampires are characters you're supposed to sympathize with instead of fear which is a change of pace from most movies where child vampires are downright the scariest kind.

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