Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Monsters Among Men"

The Gist: A business man is left for dead in the woods when a group of vampires kidnap his girlfriend.

Clarification: A pretty cut and dry movies.  Basically the movie revolves around the main characters attempt to survive trying to rescue his girlfriend while struggling with symptoms of diabetes.  He eventually finds out that his diabetic blood is lethal to vampires so he is the key to stopping them.

Female Vampire Factor:  There are two in the film the main one doesn't actually do anything vampiric and eventually is revealed to secretely be helping the protagonist.
 The other is a feral vamp who attacks the protagonists in the woods.  She doesn't live past the scene.
I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  It's one of those films where you get presented with "will these women be turned" and the answer is no to all of them.  There's nothing more annoying than a film that's literally about vampires wanting to turn women.  Those vampires actually capturing the women they plan on turning and instead of turning them, talk the whole movie about how they're going to turn them giving the hero more than enough time to save them. Logically speaking, this movie should have only been about 20 minutes long or renamed "Vampire Procrastination"

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