Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Vampiress Episode: "Being Erica"
"Erica the Vampire Slayer"
Season 1
Episode 12

The Gist: When Erica struggles to fire a writer because of her need to avoid confrontation she's sent back to a time where she went ghost on a guy instead of breaking up with him to try again.

Clarification: Being Erica is a Canadian TV show which aired from 2009 to 2011 on the CBC.  It follows the story of a woman named Erica Strange (Erica Karpluk) who sees a therapist who has the supernatural ability to send her back to relive moments in her past.

Female Vampire Factor: In this episode the guy she was dating was a stereotypical nerd.  He invites her to a vampire role playing club that he belongs to but she does what she couldn't do before and breaks up with him.  Unfortunately for her that wasn't the lesson she needed to learn so she ends up going to the vampire role play and is just awkward and out of place. When her now ex opens up to her about how much doing that meant to him and how being there is the only time he can feel comfortable she learns the lesson to not care what other people think.  She goes from being awkward and out of place to actually trying to roleplay but being terrible at it.  She comfronts the head vampire
but doesn't last long in the "battle" as the head vampire mistress puts her in her place..
No fangs or any actual vampirism in this episode.  If you're into fangless vampire cosplay you might get some enjoyment out of it but can't give it more than a 1 out of 5 Vampire Beauty Rating.

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