Monday, June 20, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Mother, May I Sleep with Danger" (2016)

The Gist: A college theater major falls in love with a photography major she meets on campus.  Little does she know her new girlfriend is really part of a vampire brood who wants her as their newest member.

Clarification: Loosely based off the 1996 made for TV film of the same name which starred Tori Spelling as a girl who falls in love with a guy who becomes obsessed over her to the point of becoming a threat, the only real similarity comes from the girl falling in love portion of the story.  Well that and the fact that Tori Spelling is also in this one but this time playing the role of the mother.
In this version the main protagonist of the film falls for a female who is also a vampire.  The threat in this case comes from her brood.  The bulk of the film deals with the main character Leah and her hopes of getting the main role in the schools production of Macbeth while having a relationship with the vampire Pearl all while dealing with the insecurities and over-protection of her mother.

Selling Point: It's a Lifetime movie so it's full of undertones and hidden lessons. Rolling Stone magazine even has a whole article about how "smart" the film is since it includes a lot of hot button issues within it's characters backstories.  Also since it is a Lifetime movie expect the men of the film to be rapists but the main selling point of course is lesbianism.

Female Vampire Factor:  The films main vampire is Pearl played by Emily Meade.
The film starts with her in bed with a blonde who is presumably her girlfriend.  The blonde lets her know she has a secret and reveals her fangs resulting in Pearl freaking out and trying to run.  The blonde catches up to her and bites her before Pearl impales her.  The blonde just before dying explains to her that she will now be a vampire as well and that's when our main storyline kicks off with Pearls new vampire life.

Once Pearl is turned she is confronted by a group of vampire women and fed her first victim.  From there it is eventually found out that she is being made by the group to add a new member (presumable to make up for being responsible for the death of the blonde ala True Blood) with Leah being their choice.
Pearl ends up legitimately falling for Leah preventing her from going through with the turn and putting her on the bad side of the the women of the brood.  After the films ending fight scene Leah (Leila George) ends up asking Pearl to turn her so that they can be together forever.  Pearl obliges.
This film takes a lot from other films and not really in a subtle fashion.  If you've seen films like The Craft, Embrace of the Vampire, the Sisterhood and a few others you will almost feel as if you're re watching those films with certain scenes.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  Not quite Vampire Lovers but definitely watchable.

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