Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Allure"

The Gist:  A shy guy hits on a woman at a bar who shows interest in him but that interest is for more than his looks.

Clarification:  This is a short vampire film and the gist sums it up pretty well.  The woman has 3 sisters who she claims she takes care of who are very ill but by ill means they're vampires.  She's also a vampire and the whole thing was a trick to get him back to their place so they could turn him.  After he's turned they welcome him into the fold.

Selling Point: lots of lingerie

Female Vampire Factor:  All the Vampires in the film are female.  The main one is a blonde named Cora (Kabrina Carison).
Then you have her three sisters Caroline (Lisa Murray), Megan (Jamie Oberlee) and Martha (Kelly Forman).
The film itself isn't bad though the music is pretty terrible I give it a vampire beauty rating of 4 out of 5.

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