Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Freaks of Nature"

The Gist
: A human must work together with a vampire and a zombie to save their town from aliens.

Clarification: What we basically have here is a parody of multiple film genres combined into one.  It's a coming of age teen /survival disaster horror film/comedy. In the universe this film takes place zombies, vampires and humans live together (barely). The film follows three teenage characters.  Dag, a kid having trouble finding his place in life who's in love with the popular girl next door who only sees him as a friend.  Ned, a nerd who purposely becomes a zombie so he will no longer overthink things and Petra, a girl who was turned into a vampire by an Edward Cullin knock off who used her for her blood.

The Vampires, Zombies and Humans are at each others throats literally in this town but end up coming together when aliens come and take all of them hostage with the three main protagonists being the ones to bring their specific groups together.

Selling Point: Despite such a limited release that it might as well had been a straight to DVD film the cast is pretty stacked with major name stand up comedians such as Keegan Michael-Key, Patton Oswald and Dennis Leary.

Female Vampire Factor: As stated above one of the lead characters is a female vampire named Petra (Mackenzie Davis).
Petra in this film is basically just the female version of the male protagonist Dag. Just like him she's a somewhat socially awkward virgin who has a thing for the stereotypical out of her league popular guy.  Main difference is that out of her league popular guy is a vampire who has no problem leading her on just to get what he really wants which is her blood.  Unfortunately for her once he gets it he completely ignores her leaving her not only dejected but as a blood thirsty vampire.  What makes matters worse for her is that she ends up finding out that the vamp instead decided to sleep with Lorelei aka the girl the male protagonist Dag has a thing for.  This sends her into a rage that leads to her tracking down and attacking Lorelei.

This would bring us to Lorelei played by former Disney teen actress Vanessa Hudgens
 Basically the school slut/pot head who latches onto whomever the most popular guy is she comes very close to finally giving Dag what he wants when the town goes civil war on itself but that gets ruined as all hell breaks loose up until Petra goes all rage monster on her.  It is believed she was dead up until the point that the protagonists get themselves captured to see what happened to the rest of the town. That's when it's revealed that not only did she survive but she was now a vampire.

Her role in the film from there is basically just stand in background and look hot as the protagonists pretty much put their past lives behind them to become hero's and become closer to each other instead of worrying about what they were after prior to the alien attack.
 Eventually the film goes with the M Night Shyamalan style twists for the final act but of course a comedic version and much more creative than what the "Scary Movie" franchise did with it.

It's a pretty good comedy but only an OK vampire film.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Petra is a very likable character that comes off as a much tamer version of Jessica from True Blood.  

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  1. I figured you'd get around to reviewing this one soon. Vanessa Hudgens is so freakin' hot with fangs and if not the sexiest, Mackenzie Davis does have some fantastic screen time with her fangs.