Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vampiress Review: "The Hunted"

The Gist: An actor who plays a vampire slayer in films is chosen by a group of misfit real life vampire slayers as their "chosen one" in their effort to kill a powerful vampire.

Clarification:  This is a pretty entertaining action comedy.  The premise is done as if it's an ongoing reality show where the camera operator is a character who's interacted with (A socially awkward mute character at that).

The best part of the film is that every time it looks like it's going to get serious it gets even more goofy similar to a Leslie Nielsen film. On top of that, what's already a parody of a vampire film has a parody vampire film in it (the protagonists film) which in essence is a cheesy vampire softcore porn which they show clips of throughout.

Selling Point: This is an absolute fun film to watch.  Think "The Naked Gun" but with vampire slayers instead of cops.

Female Vampire Factor:  There are 4 in the film but since the film is a parody of a vampire film basically it knows what their purpose is.  The first one you encounter is in the films opening scenes when slayers are fighting vampires.  A random one played by stunt woman Lauren Mary Kim appears to attack the slayers.  Their reaction of course is to stare and comment about how hot she is.
The main female vampire in the film is the character Susan (Monique Ganderton).  She is the daughter of the main vampire slayer and falls for the chosen one helping him along the way.  The main antagonist of the film is in love with her and is the one who turned her.
Then you have the vampire babe from the protagonists movies played by Michelle Lee.
As stated above this film within a film comes off as your "Seduction Cinema" style softcore porn .  Basically every scene with her is him giving a cheesy one liner followed by her stating they need to have sex first.  It's a reoccurring joke that at least to me never gets old in this film.
Finally during the films finale fight scene one of the misfit vampire slayers who's a divorce` is confronted by a vampire who happens to be his ex wife Elizabeth (Roberta Brown) who was apparently turned by her divorce lawyer.
This film got very high marks on various film rating sites and I 100% agree with them.  I highly recommend it.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  The only reason it doesn't get a five is that the female vamps pretty much disappear from the film half way through (in fact practically all those scenes are in the trailer) but even without them the film is absolutely fun to watch.

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