Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vampiress Review: Sleepless Nights


The Gist:  When a woman who works for a group of vampire hunting mercenaries is diagnosed with Cancer she seeks out a vampire in hopes to extend her life.

Clarification:  Decent story but a very amateur film.  The story itself has a very illogical flow where people figure out things after being given little to no information to be able to figure out said things.  It sounds like a knit pick but the entire flow of the film is based on that happening.  In other words it's one of those films that depends on film cliches happening to forward the plot even where those cliches don't make sense.

Selling Point:  Female vampire cliche's... Oh and did I mention the main protagonist vampires name is Christian Grey

Female vampire Factor: Your protagonist vampire of the film was turned by his wife Allison (Courtney Balaker). 
She pretty much has the same role as Blades mother as a tool used to catch the films protagonist off guard by using someone he cares about.  Unfortunately she's terrible at it and her appearance in the film is to do nothing more than set up her own quick death despite the fact that finding her was supposed to be a major plot point (BTW they don't actually find her or have a chance to look, she just kind of magically shows up at a convenient time). 
You then get the stereotypical damsel in distress turned into blood thirsty vampire who'd rather talk about how she's going to eat you while sounding more like a dominatrix than a monster than actually eat you Carla (Kelley Busby).
This scene would have been hot if she didn't look like she just escaped from a lesbian biker bar.
Finally you have the cancer stricken vampire hunter Kaitlin (Jacqueline Anderson).
The cliche final scene in which she says goodbye to her now ex as she moves on to her new vampire life.  If you missed it just watch the end of Queen of the Damned (which came out the same year).   Same thing but without fangs.

I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  This film is more "great attempt at a vampire film with no budget and amateurs actors" bad more than "lazy independent film maker" bad.

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