Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vampiress Review: Sampson vs the Vampire Women


The Gist:  A curse makes it so when a young girl turns 21 a group of female vampires will come for her to make her one of them and her father calls on the Luchadore Sampson to protect her from that happening.

Clarification:  Sampson aka El Santo was a very popular Luchadore (pro wrestler) in Mexico so they made a bunch of movies where he basically is a super hero.
Generally the films are the equivalent to pro wrestling versions of a Jackie Chan film, in other words he single handedly beats up hordes and hordes of unnamed henchman using professional wrestling moves in repetitive fight scenes.  Since obviously they won't show a man beating on women the vampire women have weird looking male henchman.

Selling Point:  Vampire Women is in the title so pretty much all you need at this point.

Female Vampire Factor:  Well there are a bunch in the film but the only one to get real screen time would be the head vampire of the group "Tandra" played by Ofelia Montesco
She  is your basic vampire stereotype complete with dark eye makeup, leggy gown with cloak and haunting voice.

Then you have the Vampire Queen Thorina (Lorena Velazquez)
 Basically the two spend the bulk of the film stalking the house the girl who is supposed to join them lives in doing lots of staring.
The film is cheesy with lots of dialogue overly describing the backstory of the plot throughout.  This is both good and bad since it comes off like a 60's/70's style Japanese cartoon in execution but in turn the film gets straight to the action.  One positive is that this was the only vampire film rifted on the 80's/90's show Mystery Science Theater 3000 so if you're looking for further entertainment with it you always have that option.  Unfortunately there isn't much fanging out in the film with the most vampiric thing that happens in it being them turning into rubber looking bats in nearly every scene they appear.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5

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