Sunday, February 28, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Daylight Fades"

The Gist: A couple deal with there struggles as one has commitment issues and the other is a vampire.

Clarification: So this is a vampire romantic drama.  A shy guy and a girl with commitment issues meet up at a bar.  After some time the guy tells the girl he loves her. She freaks out then randomly sleeps with some guy and tells him about it.  He takes off distraught and gets into a car accident.  As they all wait for him to die the girls estranged father (who is a vampire) comes along and kidnaps the guy and turns him into a vampire because he believes his daughter does love him but is so screwed up in the head thanks to a troubled childhood that she doesn't know how to show it.  The remainder of the film is basically the guy and the girl breaking up and getting back together repeatedly

The film starts out very strong.  The love story is very interesting and the vampire portions while seemingly out of place make the film that much better.  If I have any complaint with the film it's that it goes on too long after what would have been a strong ending (if it would have been the ending) instead resulting in the actual ending falling flat. Think in terms of a movie like Rudy instead of ending with Rudy getting carried off after the big game ending with him eating his Wheaties the next day while doing his homework.

Selling Point:  Outside of the drawn out ending it's a very intriguing film.

Female Vampire Factor: In the film there is only one.  The girls (Elizabeth) father was turned by an evil female vampire by the name of Raven (Rachel Kimsey).
 During one of Elizabeth and her boyfriend Johnny's breakups she swoops in and attempts to take Johnny for herself.  She unlike the other vampire in the film feeds on human blood and kills (the other lives off of animals) and attempts to get Johnny to join her in that.  He unfortunately for her has morals so the idea of seducing people sexually and then murdering them is something he's totally against.
So for a brief period you do get a break from petty arguing to get some very nice female vampire T & A.  It doesn't carry the film by any means but the film holds it's own anyway.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of  4 out of 5.

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