Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vampiress Review: "The Thirst"


The Gist:  A couple who was once dealing with drug addiction adds a new vice to deal with once they are turned into vampires.

Clarification:  So this is one of those blood lust is symbolism for drug addiction films.    Lisa a drug addicted stripper is dying of cancer.  She hides it from her recovering addict boyfriend until the last possible second but he eventually finds out just to freak out about it.  She then "commits suicide" and her boyfriend Max struggles with it.  When his friends take him out to a goth club to help him feel better one day he sees her alive and well. When he confronts her he finds out she's a vampire.  Unfortunately for him her new "family" captures him and gives Lisa the choice "turn him or kill him".  She chooses turning him and he becomes an uncontrollable monster.

They end up doing a role reversal from when they were alive where she is now the strong motivating one and he's the out of control one.  They eventually get through it and spend the remainder of the film running from "the family".

Selling Point:  Great vampire film in the same light as "Near Dark"

Female Vampire Factor:  The film follows an exotic dancer turned vamp named Lisa played by Clare Kramer.
She gets adopted by a vampire family.  Recruited by a "therapist" who happens to be the leader of the family Mariel (Serena Scott Thomas)
The family also includes a pair of weird slutty zombie like twins.
While the film does have sex in it the sex and the vampirism are completely separate. They don't have fangs so feeding consists of ripping the skin off and is super messy.

If you liked the film Near Dark I would actually say that this is at least in my opinion a better film than that.  It makes a lot more sense with the male protagonist at least having a real reason to give up his humanity for the girl and has a much more powerful story (and it doesn't hurt that the women for the most part are actually desirable.).   I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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