Sunday, February 28, 2016

Vampiress Review: "The Bloody Indulgent"

The Gist: When a vampire kills a strip club owner,  The strippers of the club seek revenge on him.

Clarification: There is none.  It's a vampire musical straight from the imagination of the worst acid trip imaginable.  It's a comedy but it's not "ha ha" funny but more "what the hell am I watching and why haven't I shut it off yet" funny.  No logic, makes no sense but really hard to turn away from because you kind of want to know where it's going to go or worst case scenario how bad it's going to get.

Selling Point:  I can't give this movie justice on how weird it is.  It's one of those, "good or bad you have to see it just for the sake of saying you did" films.   It brings up questions like "How much drugs were taken in order to write this" and "How much money did Kevin Scott Richardson of the Backstreet Boys need to agree to be in it.

Female Vampire Factor:  There is only one of note (IE acts vampiric in any way) and that's the character Connie played by Diva Zappa.
She gets pissy when Burt (Richardson) turns her boyfriend into a vampire and when she attempts to start an anti vampire riot at the strip club her boyfriend turns her to shut her up.   Upon waking up she pretty much tries to eat everyone she sees (the Vampire Diaries "every female vampire fledgling is an uncontrollable monster upon turning" cliche) and Burt stakes her when she won't stop.
Her portion of the film doesn't end there as she's eventually brought back as a zombie and pretty much walks doing the robot from that point on (told you this film was weird).
Burt does turn other women in the film but they're just background fodder.
 Anyway Vampire Beauty Rating is a 2 out of 5.  Film enjoyment level on the other hand depends on your frame of mind (or lack their of) while watching it.  I mean there's a song about being somewhere at 7:30 and another about how two characters would be having sex if they weren't in a bathroom sitting next to a toilet (part 2 of the song basically says "screw it" and they do it anyway toilet or not).....seriously this is South Park level absurdity. 


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