Sunday, August 9, 2020

Vampiress Review: "The Boneyard Collection"

The Gist: Several comedic short horror films viewed by an elderly vampire doctor and his two young beautiful hostesses.

Female Vampire Factor: The first story of the film is called "Her Morbid Desire".  In it a woman tells her story about her first real big break in Hollywood when she gets the lead roll in a vampire movie.  Problem is actresses in the film end up murdered on set which ends up helping the popularity of the movie by generating buzz over the production.  The murders tend to be revealed during the filming of the scenes so there is A LOT of fanged women in this portion of the film.
 Also during the setup to the second story a vampiress named Nova comes to visit Dr. Acula
after that segment she has a catty moment with the Dr.'s lovelies leading to her fanging out.

Final Opinion: As far as the other stories you have..

Story 2: "Boogie With the Undead" which is about an all girl rock band who hunts zombies.

Story 3: "Cry of the Mummy" is about a mummy who is trying to find a way to break into show business.

Story 4: "The Devil's Due at Midnight" which is about ghouls and witches preparing to throw a party for the devil.

I will legitimately say this might be the standard for how these kinds of cheesy low budget compilation T&A films should be.  The shorts were actually kind of funny and the humor didn't feel forced at all not to mention the vampire section of the film was more vampiric then a lot of actual vampire films.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Only thing keeping it from a five is that most of the film isn't vampire related but the parts that are do it very well.


  1. Forest J. Ackerman wrote the original story for Vampirella.

    Continue to love your reviews, they're a great time-saver for me!