Sunday, August 23, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Rachel gets Strange"

The Gist: A lonely woman left at the alter decides to sleep with a random person to get over it.  Unfortunately for her the night she decided to do it is interrupted by her ex, her male best friend with a secret crush and a brood of vampires.

Female Vampire Factor: Unfortunately it turns out the vampires in the film are just basically wannabe's or as the movie refers to them "meth head vampires".  One girl in the group does infiltrate the house with the guise of wanting to see the room Rachel was renting.
 Since they aren't actual vampires no fangs.  Outside of the above woman and one guy in all black you can't really see the rest anyway as it's dark when they arrive and the camera is moving very wildly in a very survival horror like manor.

Final Opinion: This film is mostly a really annoying bad romantic comedy that then converts to a pretty good survival horror for the last 20 minutes.  The premise is simply a relatively attractive girl lived as a recluse in her parents vacation home in the desert sulking after being left at the alter.  Her best friend and parents try to convince her that she needs to basically just have sex just to get herself out of the rut. She ends up attempting to lour a really douchey doctor who works at the same hospital as her ex and father over under the guise of wanting to show him the room she has for rent.  This goes south when he arrives super late resulting in a pizza delivery guy almost getting the nod and then her best friend showing up to show his disapprove while admitting his feelings for her and her ex wanting her back.   

In other words the vampires are almost the hero's of the film since they put an end to what was otherwise the worst kind of lifetime film.  Anyway it gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out 5 for the bate and switch.

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