Sunday, August 30, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Suck"

The Gist: A struggling band makes it big when the world falls for their female bass player after she's turned into a vampire but her vampirism leads to a ton of other problems.

Female Vampire Factor: Our main vampiress in his film is Jennifer (Jessica Pare).
She was very attractive before but once she becomes a vampire the band revolves around her.  The biggest problem being that she doesn't actually have control over her vampirism so if left alone will feed on whomever is present other than her own band mates.  She eventually convinces the bands roadie Hugo to serve as pretty much her familiar cleaning up the bodies of those she feeds on.

Final Opinion:  This is a horror comedy musical that I very much enjoyed.  There is actually technically one more female vampire in the film as the vampire hunter of the film "Eddie Van Helsing" (Malcolm McDowell) had a girlfriend who was also a singer and it's revealed that she too is a vampire but no fangs and she's turned back human shortly afterword.  Basically this film is a tribute to rock music and most of the characters outside of the band are playing by rock and roll legends like Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  No seductive biting is the only thing keeping it from a full 5 (there's literally a scene where she feeds from a straw in a guys neck like a Capri Sun so no sexy) but there is a lot of biting and fang flashing.

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  1. Jessica Pare is a true beauty that I first saw in the TV series Mad Men. Suck was genuinely a decent movie and she looked fantastic in fangs.