Sunday, August 9, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Vampiro"

The Gist: A young woman prone to abusive relationships ends up in the middle of a battle between two rival vampires.

Female Vampire Factor: To quickly answer the "does the main hot female in the film get turned" question the answer is no.  The woman who gets the second most screen time in the film does though. That being her abusive girlfriend "Sexicana".
 "Sexi" as she's called in the film makes a deal with the evil vamps in order to get turned with the hopes of being able to keep her girlfriend Blanco for herself.  That group includes another female vampire as well who doesn't get much screen time till the films finale.
The other female vampire of the film is the protege and protector of the main vampire protagonist Casanova.  Her name is Alma and he turned her when she was 13 to keep her from dying of leprosy. Their relationship is pretty awkward in that it's hinted that she has feelings for him beyond friendship while he sees her more as a daughter but that isn't really explored.

Final Opinion:  Not the worst film I've ever seen but it leaves a lot to be desired.  The two major stories in the film are good ones on paper but both get ignored.  Those being Sexi's obsessive relationship with Blanca and Alma's desire for Casanova to see her as a woman and not a 13 year old girl.  To make matters worse the story that they roll with instead in itself is not very well played out either (the vampire "Tex's" dislike for Casanova).  Because of that the film just comes off as just stuff happening. I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  The fangs are all in the last portion of the film and barley visible as the vampirism is very much downplayed.  If it weren't for that it had the potential for a much higher rating.

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