Sunday, April 8, 2018

Vampiress Review: "The Princess: Tears of Blood"

The Gist: A man falls in love with a vampire princess he meets in the woods moments after finding his fiance dead.

Clarification:  This is a Spanish language mini series which has a bit of a reverse Dracula vibe since for once the vampire is a female and the person that they're stalking because they're reminded of someone from their past is a guy.

Selling Point: If you ever wondered what Haddaways "What is Love" video would look like as a Spanish language mini series.  Here you go.

Female Vampire Factor: The main vampire in the film is Anastasia played by Edurne Keel.
Though in the beginning she seems like an obsessed woman looking for love, as the series goes on your learn of her tragic back story and that her desire for Sebastian is not about looking for a companion.
Eventually we learn that Sebastian comes from a long line of vampire hunters and after he kills the vampire who turns Anastasia to protect her she tells him the truth that she really wants him to kill her as she no longer wants to be a vampire.  He being so in love with her kills himself instead not wanting to live without her.
This leaves her to go find the next in the blood line and start all over again (stalking a toddler in a park who has the mark of the chosen one making her the ultimate cougar).
I give this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Not an all around bad series and plenty of fang flashing from the female standpoint.

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