Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Sexy Female Vampires of "Being Human" (UK version)

Being Human is a series that aired on BBC 3 in the UK for five seasons starting in 2008.  It follows the story of a ghost named Annie, a murder victim stuck haunting the house she died in, a werewolf named George who's neurotic and doesn't have much common sense so he seems to get in his own way a lot to an annoyingly hard to watch degree and a vampire named Mitchel who's trapped between trying to live with humans and being peer pressured into eating them.  All three live together in a flat in South Whales trying to live a normal life but constantly dealing with the stresses of their conditions. That is until the fourth season which became a reboot after the majority of the original cast announced their departure following season 3's finally with all being gone by season 5 which without any of the characters that carried the show became the shows final season.

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Lauren Drake (Annabel Scholey) 
Lauren is a one night stand of the vampire Mitchel who he turns after he loses control in the shows pilot episode.  Once she is resurrected and without Mitchel to guide her she becomes whats best described as a blood junky getting blood from wherever she can find it. She is conflicted between hating Mitchel and wanting him sexually and uses sex appeal to try to get Mitchel into her life (including vampire porn).  By the end of the first season she can't stand what she's become and asks Mitchel to end it for her which he does.  Her only fang out moment is her introduction as a vampire below from the shows first episode.

Cara (Rebecca Cooper)
Cara is one of vampire leader Herrich's hench women in season one of the series.  After Mitchel stops Herrich and takes over the vampires in season 2 he places a rule that vampires cannot feed anymore.  In Episode 3 of that season "Long Live the King" Cara breaks this rule by feeding on some teenage girls that she saw picking on another girl (who she turns) and is eventually punished.  She never does anything vampiric for the rest of the series and her character eventually kills herself in season 3 when the reincarnated Herrich rejects her.

Season 2, Episode 6: "In the Morning"
This episode has a flashback where a priest saves a young girl from a group of vampires who attacked her mother.

Daisy (Amy Manson)
Daisy is a vampire introduced in the shows second season.  Her and her maker come to town to attack George for revenge for killing Herrick.  Eventually we find out she's really a bit of a nympho who pretty much wants to screw George and then Mitchell.  The only time we see her fang out is episode 7 of the season titled "Damage" in which her and Mitchell attack a group of passengers on a subway after Mitchell loses his humanity as retaliation for the loss of his fellow vampires by slayers.  She eventually disappears and we find out matter of factly in season 3 that she was murdered by a werewolf.

Emma Hargraves (Melanie Walters)
Emma along with her husband are introduced in the second episode of the third season titled "Adam's Family".  In that episode George and his werewolf girlfriend Nina take in an orphaned vampire named Adam after his father passes away.  When they feel they can't take care of him and with Mitchel wanting nothing to do with him Mitchel suggests a friend who can find people who can take him in.  Once Emma and her husband Richard take him in poor Adam finds himself in the middle of a vampire swingers house filled with a bunch of people dressed in S&M outfits.  Basically this episode is softcore cougar porn.  While Emma doesn't fang out in the episode there is a female at the party being licked on who does have fangs out.

Season 4, Episode 3: "The Graveyard Shift"
In this episode the flatmates have to protect George and Nina's baby Eve from a group of vampires.  One of which is a female.

Michaela Thompson (Laura Patch)
Michaela is an odd goth woman who frequents the cafe where Hal and Tom work (the vampire and werewolf of seasons 4 and 5 respectively) also in the third episode of season 4.  She ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up back at the flat with Hal and Tom when they rescue her from the vampires sent by the old ones to attack the cafe.  Eventually those vampires end up confronting them there and hold her hostage.  They slit her throat presumably killing her but then at the episodes end it's revealed that the vampire Regus turned her and has decided to form a relationship with her.

Golda (Amanda Abbington)
Golda was a vampire in the 6th episode of season 4 titled "Puppy Love".  She comes in as the main antagonist of the episode preparing for the arrival of the "old ones" but is eventually stopped by werewolves Tom and Allison.

There were other female vampires in the series but I only included those who fanged out and had enough screen time for anyone to notice.


  1. You actually get to see Daisy fang out in a web-only little prequel short they did to tie in with the show.

    1. Nice. That scene is better than anything that was on the show.