Sunday, April 15, 2018

Vampiress TV Review: "Phobia"

"Don't Look In the Closet"
Season 2
Episode 5

The Gist: A young boy is frightened because he dreams a vampire is in his closet.

Clarification: This is a web series that consists of shorts dedicated to horror stereotypes and cliches. This particular episode is a sequel to the season 1 episode "Shadow Puppets" in which a man is running from a vampire and once he goes out a door you see that he was an imaginative young kid in his closet and the vampire was a stuffed doll.

Selling Point: It's not the highest of quality but none the less the concept is very good.  This particular episode wasn't even 3 minutes long. 

Female Vampire Factor: (Spoiler Alert!)
The episode starts with the child from that previous episode mentioned above having his mother tell him its time for bed and no playing after she leaves the room. 

When she leaves, the vampire emerges from his closet but he is saved at the last second by a slayer.
Once again we see that the whole incident was a figment of the kids imagination with the kid having stuck a pencil in the heart of the vampire doll.
When the kid leaves to likely tell the his mom what happens he finds her as a vampire herself feeding on a victim.
I've always loved the "main character was a vampire all along and you didn't know it" twist when it comes to plot twist since it usually means a big payoff when you've spent the whole movie hoping something would happen.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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