Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Vampiress Episode: "Monsters"
"The Waiting Game"
Season 3
Episode 10

The Gist: A group of soldiers struggle to keep their sanity while in a bunker after a nuclear war.

Clarification:  A couple of soldiers head in to work at a military bunker, during their shift a nuclear war breaks out.  When all is said and done everything and everyone they know is destroyed with the exception of hearing from two other soldiers at another military bunker.  Unfortunately in stupid people in horror movie fashion the other group take turns heading outside in the very radioactive environment because they hear things. 

Female Vampire Factor: (SPOILER ALERT)

One of the soldiers in the other facility is a woman named Lt. Maureen Knox (Carrington Garland). Her and one of the main protagonist soldiers seem to hit it off due to "everyone else on the planet is dead" loneliness.
Eventually her commanding officer loses it and wanders off into the radioactive world to look for his family.  When he comes back a day later she has no problems opening the door (even though he obviously should be dead) and wandering out as well (even though this should obviously kill her) so no surprise when the protagonists here nothing but her screaming on their headset.
Next thing we know Maureen's at the door of our protagonists bunker asking to come in.  While one of our protagonists Cpt. Levitt is thinking clearly and says no Lt Eric Tyler is thinking with his man parts and is more than happy to head out into the radioactive wasteland.
Low and behold Maureen and everyone else in the outside world are vampires and the nuclear war was just a way for them to cover the sun so they no longer have to fear being burned by sunlight.
This results in the episode ending with Cpt. Levitt being the last remaining human and the vampires putting in codes in an attempt to get into the bunker.
Very reminiscent of an episode of something that would be on a Twilight Zone episode.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  Definitely prefer the season 1 vampire episode much better.

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