Sunday, April 1, 2018

Vampiress Review: "The Real Drakoolavs"

The Gist:  A fledgling vampire struggles with her families need for her to drink human blood and a boy she met at a store is caught in the middle.

Clarification: This is a web series which uses illogical arguing as comedy.  Mila is a vampire who does not want to kill humans, her family on the other hand does but for reasons not explained are dependent on her to provide one.  This results in her making friends with the guy she was supposed to be stalking being a huge problem for the rest. 

Biggest Complaint: The most illogical portion of this story is the fact that when Mila is trying to work up the nerve to bite him before she changes her mind it's actually her family that stops her every time just to creepily introduce themselves and ask her why it's taking so long.  Literally this series doesn't go past episode one if not for their own stupidity because she would have bitten him at the end of episode without a problem.

Female Vampire Factor: While the entire family are vampires the only one who does anything vampiric is the central vampire character in the film Mila (Viktoria Vinyarksa).
She briefly fangs out in the first few episodes.  One to attempt to bite the guy she brings home and the second because once the guy she brings home finds out she's a vampire he gets super excited and asks her to show him or fangs.
In a later episode she does bite him in an attempt to make her family believe she killed him.
Outside of this the only other time you see fangs on anyone in the series is in the final episode when Mila's mean girl like sister Ingrid (Ashley Brinkman) briefly flashes her fangs to intimidate the would be prey. 
The one saving grace is that each episode is only 10 minutes long including credits and beginning recap of previous episode so that's only an hour for the full season.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  OK premise but a prime example of story with conflict that seems too forced to be believable.

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  1. I just finished watching this series on Amazon & think it was excellent.
    Viktoria Vinyarska is now my #1 celebrity crush & think she is a GODDESS.