Sunday, May 10, 2020

Vampiress Review: "The Carmilla Movie"

The Gist: A rehabilitated Carmilla Karnstein heads to Europe to face the ghosts of her victims when it's believed their reappearance is responsible for her beginning to have vampire urges again.

Female Vampire FactorNatasha Negovanlis reprises her role as Carmilla
Ironically in the one piece of media where she isn't a vampire she does more vampiric things in the first 20 minutes of the film than in the entirety of the web series this was based on. This takes place after the web series where the cast are now adults with careers.  Carmilla is human and her and Laura now live together as a couple in Toronto.  A problem arises when Laura begins to have very vivid dreams of Carmilla being a vampire and trying to feed on her but she sees herself as someone else in her dreams.
They are eventually brushed off as dreams by Carmilla until one day Laura wakes up from one of those dreams with Carmilla actually trying to bite her.
Confused by that the crew due some tests on her and find out that her vampirism is returning.  She has to now re-learn to control her urges.
When Laura describes her dreams Carmilla then realizes that those dreams aren't actually dreams but memories of things that happened to one of Carmilla's exes and they deduce that Carmillas vampirism returning may be connected to the ghosts of her past trying to reach out to her. The gang heads to her old stomping grounds in Europe and are shocked to literally be confronted with the ghosts of her past.  The ghosts of her victims are inhabiting the old home of her mother.
She's informed that they need her to help them escape from limbo.  It ends up being a trick as Carmillas Ex Elle had tricked the ghosts into believing a ritual would help them escape but the ritual instead returned her from being imprisoned in a pendant and sent them into it.  On top of that they find out Elle was the one sneaking into Laura's dreams.  This leads to a lot of Carmilla and her crew running around a dream world looking for a way to stop Elle and Carmilla even having to relive the day Elle found out she was a vampire (someone informed Elle of Carmilla's secret so she confronts Carmilla by slicing her hand and watching Carmilla fang out at the site of the blood).

Final Opinion: During my original review of the Web Series I referred to it as what would happen if Nickelodeon and Logo came together.  The premise was simple.  A high school girl doing vlogs about her life in the dorm who began to believe her roommate was a vampire killing students with nothing really happening on camera.  Well this is not that.  This is a true movie and a true vampire movie at that.

Do you need to watch the web series to know what's going on?  Kind of .  There is a lot of calling back to stuff that happened in that series in this so it might be a bit confusing without the back story.  Even with that this was a very well done PG-13 level light horror film. I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  A very entertaining flick about a hot lesbian vampire trying to control her vampirism while surviving a hot lesbian ghost seeking revenge.

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