Sunday, May 24, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Xane: The Vampire God"

The Gist: a group of friends on a camping trip are ambushed by vampires.  They are saved by a vampire god named Xane who ends up being a vampire version of one of the campers sent from the future to save himself.

Female Vampire Factor: Every main female character in the film does at some point become a vampire but only in a matter of factly sort of way.  First the evil vampire king Cain's wife Lillith (Zoe Kelly) is one but you only see her do anything vampiric once and her fangs are only seen during a scene when she's being tortured by her husband Kane.
Next one turned is Lilliths apprentice Gentry (Michelle Oneida). She is used to trick the main character Titus by disguising herself as his girlfriend Jocelyn.  Her reward for helping Cain in the plan is him turning her (top photo) but you never actually see her do anything vampiric as she still spends the rest of the movie disguised as Jocelyn (Bottom photo).
Finally is Jocelyn herself (Jenna Farden), the girlfriend of the main character Titus.  She is turned so that she wouldn't die after her friends abusive vampire stepdad bites her.  She has one fang scene where she has to be held down and kept from feeding on Titus' brother.

Final Opinion:  This is one of those films where once it gets going it's pretty good but needs a ton of editing.  It's a two hour film with the first hour being downright hard to watch as they spend way too much time and effort on the "After school special" style backstory of Titus's brother having ALS and him not going to college so that he can get a job to pay for his brothers treatment. All things that really have no bearing on the actual plot of the film.  Then again since the movie doesn't have an actual ending pretty much nothing that happens has an actual bearing on the plot.  That's right, nothing gets resolved.  You sit for two hours for a film with no resolution whatsoever that just cuts to credits on a cliffhanger.  I give this one a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5

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