Sunday, May 17, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Sunset Society"

The Gist: A society of vampires seeks out a DVD being sold around the streets of Hollywood that expose that they exist.

Female Vampire Factor: There are two that get any real screen time.  The main one being the character Sophie (Phoebe Dollar)
She ends up being the vampire who had the DVD that they're looking for which we find out after her poor innocent boyfriend is tortured.
The Second is a girl named Belinda Danials (Sarah Nicklin)
She's first seen as one of a pair of random girls picked up at a bar by Sophies boyfriend at the films beginning to eventually feed on. 
But after the vampires watch the film (which ends with a young girl getting bitten) she comes down the stairs of the home and reveals that she killed the vampires sent to kill her and the other woman (who she pretty much lets die at the beginning) and that she was in fact the girl who was bitten in the DVD now grown up, is now a vampire and is the sister of another girl who is turned in the DVD.  Her goal of being there was to kill Sophie for killing her sister.
As mentioned above Belinda's sister Kiera (Angelique Congleton) was also turned.  Most of her screen time as a vampire though is her sulking over the vampire who made her not wanting her around.
She ends up asking Sophie to kill her as she does not want to be a vampire alone (even though she was taught she could hypnotize people but whatev) which Sophie does by draining her.
There are other vampiresses in the film as there are a few scenes of vampire bite parties where they lour humans to their mansion and then feed on them.

Final Opinion: I can honestly say that this movie has one heck of an ending.  Unfortunately everything before the ending was pretty bad.  The first 20 minutes is basically B movie grade torture porn and oddly placed animation.  Then when they get to the point when they watch the Sunset Society DVD its pretty much low grade quality video (it's supposed to have been shot on a camcorder by a street person) that seems to exist just to show how many C and D level celebs walking the streets of Hollywood they got to appear in the film including names like Steve O, Lemme from Motorhead and Ron Jeremy. A good portion of this part of the film not only couldn't have been shot by a third party the way it's presented but they repeat scenes A LOT.  At the end of the day had they just focused on the characters of Sophie and Gage instead of giving bigger name celebs a ton of screen time so they could put them in the advertising as being in the film it would have been much easier and more entertaining film to follow since nothing else outside of those stories actually mattered to the films eventual climax.

Anyway I did get a kick out of seeing an older and still hot vampire Phoebe Dollar who I fondly remember as vampire eye candy in the film "Blood Sisters" back in the early 2000's so for that and that alone I'll give this a Vampire Beauty rating of 3 out of 5.

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