Sunday, May 31, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Bad Girl Dracula"

The Gist: Three short stories revolving around the life of a vampire named "Bad Girl Dracula" and her master "Brinke Stevens"

Female Vampire Factor:  The main characters of the film are Bad Girl Dracula (Dee Flowered)
and the Master Vampire Brinke Stevens (Tittiana Sprinkles)
In the first part of the film a reporter named Miranda Soledad (Thio Rose) confronts Dracula and the Master under the guise of writing a story about them but in reality is a vampire they turned during an orgy seeking revenge.  She changes her mind when they invite her to participate in another orgy.

In the second story titled The Bloody Brides of Bad Girl Dracula she and the master travel from the 1970's to the 2010's to find a vampire named Sexfuratu (Izzie Pop)

In the final story "Bad Girl Dracula and the Pussy the Bites Back"  Dracula and her girlfriend Marsha Hunt (Ebony Dee Lyte) are confronted by Abraham Van Helsing who warns them that they will be destroyed by a vampire with special abilities.
When this vampire named Pussy Lugosi (Anne Atomic) arrives the master ends up exposing that she isn't even a real vampire.
Meanwhile Van Helsing goes to save a girl named Amanda Garcia (Mia O'My) just to disappointingly find out that she didn't need saving as she voluntarily let Dracula turn her.

Final Opinion:  This is the same group in Georgia that gave us "Space Boobs in Space".  While neither movie is that great this one is miles better as far as at least having a functional story to follow and they get brownie points for the names based on actresses from vampire movies. 

The stories themselves are hit or miss (The first two I liked, the last not so much) with the biggest issue being the long drawn out segments between the stories where Dracula and the master just talk about nothingness for an extended period of time (They're watching these stories on a TV as well).  I can only assume these segments are a social experiment to see how much mindless dribble a person is capable of listening to as long as the biggest cleavage you've ever seen is visible while it's happening (or they're just padding the run time)
I'll give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5 If you like having half naked thicker sized women being thrown at you this film is for you.  Otherwise nothing else to really make it a must watch.

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