Sunday, April 19, 2020

Vampiress Review: "The Vampire King"

The Gist: A king vampire who was defeated long ago comes back to seek revenge on the slayer who defeated him who is now married with a family.  What makes matters worse is the skepticism of her husband even when presented with proof vampires are real leads to them not being prepared.

Female Vampire Factor:  Both the vampire slayers kids are turned partway through the film, a son and a daughter.  The daughter is the only female vampire that gets any screen time as there a couple of background female vamps in a scene or two.  When they're first turned they're recognizable.
But by the films end the movie resorts to pretty bad plastic effects.

Final Opinion:  This is one of those movies that's kind of comical but in a way where you're not sure if they're actually trying to be funny or is the movie so bad that you just laugh at how absurd it is. The character Jack (the vampire hunters husband played by the films director Mark Morris) is nearly Homer Simpson level clueless about things and situations and his deadpan delivery while he tries to come up with ridiculous explanations for what's going on is one of the few entertaining aspects of the movie. If they played on that more and made the film about a bumbling vampire skeptic who ends up becoming a vampire slayer while still staying a skeptic this movie could have been a ton more entertaining instead of the switch back and forth from comedy to serious to action in the confusing manor it does. Think Dick Nelson from "Mom and Dad Save the World" but with vampires instead of aliens with learning disabilities. Anyway the film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.
THE VAMPIRE KING from Mark Morris on Vimeo.

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