Sunday, April 26, 2020

Vampiress Review: "The Dead Matter"

The Gist: After a ritual in the woods she hoped would bring back her deceased brother a girl gains the ability to control the dead as zombies with a pendant. Unfortunately this makes her a target for  vampires looking for it.

Female Vampire Factor: A women who works in a lab with one of the main characters "Frank" is revealed to secretly be a vampire.
In one of the big reveals of the movie, Frank finds out that he was working on a drug that makes vampires immune to sunlight (he thought the lab he worked for made diet drugs).  Just prior to this big reveal another female co-worker of Franks named Angela begins to ryth in pain and runs into the hallway. When another guy comes to check on her she turns and goes on a rampage.
Other vamps in the film include early in the movie the main protagonist Gretchen has a nightmare featuring vampire children
and finally there's also a vampire drug dealer who surrounds himself with beautiful vampiresses.

Final Opinion:  This movie takes a LONG time to get going but once it does it's a very good vampire film.  Problem is you pretty much have to be confused for roughly and hour before the vampire stuff which makes up the last 20 minutes.  The rest of the film I found myself just wondering why anyone was hanging out with this Gretchen woman (the one who wants to raise her brother from the dead) who was downright creepy the whole movie and for a good portion of the film had a pet zombie (spoiler alert, that's not normal).  Because of that, arguably the main protagonist of the film is way creepier than any of the monsters.

If I have one real complaint it's that most of the stuff that happens vampire wise in the first hour of the film does not matter.  I'm guessing the idea was to put it in there to throw you off that way the big reveal of who the main vampire is come off as a surprise but that would have been better done if instead of concentrating on vampires who wouldn't last to see the end of the film as if they were important they would have fleshed out the character "Frank" more who was treated as a background character even though he is eventually revealed to be a major part of the vampires plan.  I give this movie a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  I will say Angela's turn is up there with the Mara turn from the original Subspecies.  That's high praise.

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