Sunday, April 12, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Nocturna"

The Gist: A rookie detective and his partner get caught up in a war between two rival vampire factions when the rookie inadvertently finds out they exist while rescuing a little girl who escaped from them.

Female Vampire Factor:  Each side has their own main fem vamp.  The "evil" faction the "Moldero's have their vampire queen Belinda (Estella Warren)
Belinda is slightly unhinged. Most of her scenes consist of her singing and obsessing about children.  The thing that makes the Molderos the bad guys in the film is that they feed on and victimize children.  Belinda also makes all the kidnapped children refer to her as their mother.
The fem vamp on the protagonist end is a former civil war nurse named Lydia.  She's played by former Miss Universe contestant Mariana Paola Vicente
In the film she develops a romantic relationship with the partner of the rookie detective. It's also revealed that she was once one of the child victims of the Molderos
As is obvious by the numbers game the film does lead up to a final battle between the two which Lydia wins when Belinda falls off a railing and is impailed.

Final Opinion:  Not a horrid detective film but definitely some blown opportunities.  The Belinda character is great and if the film was about her being the main antagonist it would probably be a 5 since the one scene she does feed (and the several where she almost does) are fantastic.  Unfortunately it isn't and she only appears in a hand full of scenes while much less interesting vampires get most of the screen time.  I give this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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