Sunday, April 12, 2020

Vampires Review: "Vampire Cleanup Department"

The Gist: A socially awkward member of a group who secretly hunts and covers up the existence of vampires develops a relationship with a 200 year old vampiress who seems to be developing human feelings and emotions.

Female Vampire Factor: As explained the film is about a vampiress.  Her name is Summer (Len Min Chen)
She meets the films protagonist when he is on a vampire mission at a lake.
She attacks him and bites him on the mouth.  In the battle she loses a fang but via drinking his blood regains her human youth and beauty and the ability to feel human emotions.
The Vampire Cleanup Department or VCD capture her and prepare her body to be cremated but when the symbol that was holding her down accidentally was removed she came back to life and seemed to have bonded with with the guy she bit named Tim following him where ever he goes.
The remainder of the film revolves around Tim teaching Summer human behavior and eventually the two developing a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship all while trying to hide her from his co-workers who would want to kill her and the Vampire King who wants her for himself.

Final Opinion: Think of the 1980's romantic comedy "Date with an Angel" but with vampires and martial arts scenes (pretty much the same ending too). From a Vampire Beauty Standpoint I can only give it a rating of 2 out of 5.  Summer really doesn't do much vampiric in the film from a hunting and biting standpoint and is portrayed more as cute and sympathetic and provides much of the films comedy.  It also doesn't help that she's a Jiangshi (asian hopping zombie like vampire) so she spends a great deal of the movie hopping around.  With that being said it's a great movie entertainment wise and it's hard not to root for Tim and both sympathize and fall for Summer.  So as far as watching just for the sake of watching an entertaining film I highly recommend this.

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