Monday, July 9, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Living Among Us"

The Gist:  A film crew is sent to document the lives of a family who claims to be vampires.

Clarification: This is one of those films with the first person style story telling from the point of view of a camera person.  Unfortunately the film isn't really done in a manor in which the camera being always on really even makes sense.  In fact most of the films ending is situations in which the last thing you'd do is have a camera in your hand.

As mentioned above the camera crew document the lives of real vampires.  The vampires do some really messed up stuff around the crew basically exposing that they go around gruesomely killing people and eventually the crew realize they're showing them all this damaging info because they don't plan on letting them live.  The climax of the movies is the crew trying to fight their way out of the home

Biggest complaint:  The only fangs are on the cover art.

Female Vampire Factor:  As mentioned above these vampires don't have fangs otherwise they have every other supernatural ability and weakness that you'd expect.  The only female vamp that gets any real screen time is the matriarc of the family Eleanor (Esme Bianco).
  The crew also has an attractive female in it named Carrie (Jordan Hinson) who the younger vampire men take a liking too.  She eventually turns as well but again, no fangs so not that big a deal.
 You aren't going to get much out of this film as none of the protagonists are that likable and the vampires and pretty annoying themselves and come off more as obnoxious 1980's movie bullies than horror monsters.  I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5. A better attempt at the first person horror genre with vampires is "The Monster Project".

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