Saturday, January 20, 2018

Vampiress Review: "The Monster Project"

The Gist:  A film crew looking to get social media hits decide to interview three people who believe they're monsters only to find out it's not in their heads.

Clarification:  Long story short half this film is absolutely useless and half of it is great.  The film unfortunately starts with us getting the members of the crews very uninteresting and un needed backstory.  Making matters worse this part of the film is in first person camera view similar to films like the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and Quarantined which doesn't make much sense for this part as they're recording conversations and situations that no one would record.

Anyway if you can make it through that you eventually get to the part where they go into an old creepy mansion to interview 3 people.  One who thinks they're a skincrawler (like a werewolf), One who thinks she's a vampire and one who thinks she's possessed by demons.  As stated in the gist eventually the moon comes up and all three lose control and go after the film crew. 

Selling Point:  Once you get to the actual horror movie portion of the film it is absolutely great.  Since the building loses power you're getting the movie from the perspective of one of the film crews head mounted camera's with night vision so the horror portion comes off similar to some of the best horror video games.    This is also the only time the use of these camera's actually makes logical sense.

Female Vampire Factor:                        (Major spoiler below)

One of the monsters interviewed is a female tatoo artist named Shayla.
In order for her to agree to the interview she requests blood.  They give her the blood of the boom operator who she then develops a connection to and taste for.  She'll only talk to him and reveals to the rest of the crew his hidden secret.  He's a drug addict. As we've already mentioned her niceness is short lived as once the moon came up she was all blood lust.

Shayla does end up getting to one of the crew in the director Murielle
While trying to escape she takes very ill from her bite wound eventually succumbing to it.  That lasts all of a minute or two as she comes back attacking for blood. 

The film has a major plot twist as far as the ending goes.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  Very limited screen time but they are well used when they get it.  While the movie doesn't get high marks from critics (and the first 45 minutes is cringe worthy don't get me wrong) this film is worth at least a view because as bad as the first half of the movie was the last half does make up for it if you can make it that far.

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