Sunday, February 11, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Vampire Vixens"

The Gist: A girl is living in a halfway house after being linked to violent crimes which she blames on a vampire telling her to commit them. 

Clarification:  This is a short film also known as "The Vampire Within".  It revolves around a lonely young girl named Alice.  Basically she sits around a house and case workers come by to ask how she is and where everyone else is and then to tell her that the vampire she says is telling her to do bad things isn't real.
Whenever Alice is alone in a room the vampire whose name is Sarah then shows up to tell Alice to get rid of them.

Biggest Complaint: The point of the film is for you to question Alice's sanity but the reason you question her sanity is that Sarah has to be the laziest and most useless vampire ever so her being real is illogical. 

Female Vampire Factor:  As mentioned above Sarah (Christina Johnson) is the most useless vampire probably in film history.
If you took every negative stereotype given to a person on welfare and replaced money with blood that is Sarah.  Basically she lives off of people by nagging to them how hungry she is and that they should go out and kill people for her because she doesn't want to do it herself since that's work and she might get hurt.  She doesn't have fangs (or just doesn't use them) so you question if she exists because how could a vampire live like that?  The one time she has full opportunity to off someone herself in the film without Alice she doesn't.
I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5SPOILER ALERT there is no cool twist.  Sarah the lazy vampire is real (unless you call that a twist).  If you want to see a version of this subject done much better watch the Nicholas Cage film Vampire's Kiss.

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