Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Lord of the Vampires"

The Gist: After robbing a gas station a group of criminals take a hostage but when their car breaks down end up staying the night at a house owned by vampires.

Clarification: This is a modern take on the classic "stranger stays in the vampires castle" formula.  In this case instead of it being the home of a mysterious aristocrat it's the home of a guy who looks like he just left a goth party, his girlfriend and his prostitute on the side.

Selling Point: It's not exactly terrible for a low budget film.  The storytelling is to the point and for the most part logical.  The vampire leader has a thing for the hostage of the criminals, uses his female minions to get the criminals out of the way and wants to turn the girl. One of the criminals that seems to have a conscious also has a thing for her and is willing to do what it takes to save her all the while the female vampire minions get jealous that the main vampire wants another one and is planning on turning on him. 

Female Vampire Factor: As mentioned the vampire lord has two women who do his bidding named Mercy and Ravenna.
Ravenna (The brunette) is the older of the two and the first person Viktor the Vampire turned.  She is a very jealous woman who wants Viktor for himself so she isn't the biggest fan of Mercy (the blonde).
Mercy is more of a straight forward vampire who only cares about feeding and very little else. Because of this Mercy is the one who gets sent out to find victims to bring back.
The woman who the fuss is being made over in this films name is Amanda. She was just going to get gas when she ended up in the middle of an armed robbery and was kidnapped. Eventually Viktor does get what she wants and by the movies end she does turn (temporarily).
I can officially say that I was pleasantly surprised by this film.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  This film is a total throwback to the kind of cheesy horror stuff you would see in the 1980's on the USA Networks weekend horror lineup.

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I played 'Viktor' aka Lord of the Vampires. Yea, you are right LOTV has very cool, and beautiful Vampire girls for sure. The movie was shot in 2001, but we used 16mm film cameras to give it it's 80's horror film look. Plus the movie also has awesome practical gore FX, and a lot of nudity. THX AGN, Jack Wareing Films