Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Manhattan Undying"

The Gist: An artist dying of cancer ends up having a vampire as his latest model.

Clarification: So this film goes more into the artsy category and has little to no horror in it whatsoever.  Max falls into the tragic artist cliche.  He is a successful painter who is being pressured to come up with something for a gallery opening.  He has an addiction problem and on top of that finds out he has late stage lung cancer and is only given weeks to live which he hides from everyone he knows but attempts throughout the movie to make amends and say goodbye to people without them knowing that's what he's doing.

Female Vampire Factor: This brings us to Vivian (Sarah Roemer)
Vivian is a vampire who is very touchy about her looks.  When people compliment her beauty it tends to annoy her and those people end up becoming her victims.
You see being a vampire she hasn't seen herself in the mirror since she was turned and the thing she wants the most in life is to see herself which is when she tracks down Max after seeing one of this paintings at a club.
So both of them can help each other, she can be the subject of a painting that he needs to make and she can finally see herself the way others see her in return.  The rest of the film goes on about emotions and trust since both of them are hiding secrets and apparently they need to let each other in fully for this to work.  There's also a side story about an investigation into one of her victims but it's barely touched on.

Biggest Complaint:  No fangs,  her eyes change color and she just appears where she wants too but otherwise not too much supernatural about her.  I give this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  It's a tragic drama film.  Not much of a vampire film.

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