Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vampire B movie actress auditions for X-Factor

On the British version of the talent show X-Factor a husband and wife band auditioned called "the Courtesans".  One half of the husband and wife duo is none other than B movie veteran Eileen Daly.

While word is just now getting out of Daly's past. To vampire fans she is pretty well known as she is actually featured in the logo for B movie company Redemption films.
Redemption Films logo
In fact she has starred in several films sporting the fangs, most notably 1998's Witchcraft X and Razorblade Smile which you can read my review HERE.

Screenshot from Razor Blade Smile
Daly is 51 now and you can't be a B movie sex goddess forever so it's good that she's looking for main stream success doing other things.   Good luck to her.

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