Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vampiress Music Video: Soulidium "Live Forever (Vampire Rock Anthem)"

Live Forever (Vampire Rock Anthem)
Produced in 2010

Soulidium out of Tampa, Florida if you can't tell is a hard rock/metal band. Sadly watching as many low budget vampire movies as I have I am almost oblivious to this style of music though this one is pretty catchy.  None the less this isn't a music review blog so lets skip to the important part.
This is a very well put together music video definitely worth watching.  The story (yes it has a story) is that the members of the band are vampires.  The Bands frontman Micheal McKnight grabs an attractive young girl in an ally and bites her turning her into a vampire (above). This leads to the girl going on an extended night of attacking various other people including another attractive girl who she also turns into a vampire (below).
 So basically outside of the first 30 seconds of the video the entire thing is attractive women fanging out and biting people.  In other words exactly how I wish every vampire film ever made would be. 


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