Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vampiress Review: Dracula's Great Love

The Gist:  In order to bring his daughter back to life Count Dracula must get a woman to fall in love with him without the use of vampire abilities.

Clarification:  The gist being what the movies plot eventually turns out being if you watch it all the way through in reality you're getting a story of a group of travelers (most of which being attractive slutty women) who get stranded in the woods when their stage coach breaks down and has to seek shelter in an old sanatorium that is inhabited by a doctor who just so happens to be a disguised Count Dracula and the women's ambitions to seduce the doctor. 

The voice acting for the English dub is pretty bad but forgivable since so is the movie in general.  The beginning of the film is filled with long drawn out scenes where nothing happens and the end of it consists of jump cuts where you loose large chunks of time with no explanation whatsoever.  It doesn't help that much of Count Dracula's dialogue (once you find out he's Count Dracula) is narrated to further confuse the viewer during these chopped up scenes since the narrated voice is often talking directly to characters on screen without his character on screen moving his mouth at all (I guess he's a telepath). 

Selling Point:  At least there's tons of full frontal nudity.  This Dracula loves breasts way more than necks.

Female Vampire Factor:  This is where the movie could have and should have been much better.  (!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!).  Basically Dracula creates a harem of super sexy female vampires by having the girls turn each other in order to run one errand and that's to grab a virgin from the local village.

After that he has them destroyed because he changes his mind at the drop of a hat.  Then when plan B doesn't materialize (because the woman he's in love with is the only one that gets to choose whether she's turned or not, unlike her slutty friends)...  He kills himself over it just for the viewing audience to witness the woman change her mind AFTER he dies.

Basically Dracula chooses some girl he knew for two days over his dead daughter and paid for it.   None the less there is quite a bit of fem vamp T&A in this film just not quite at the use or level as you'd get in a Jean Rollins film even though the opportunity was there so this gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  

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