Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Vampiress Episode: "Relic Hunter"

Season 1
Episode 20

Relic Hunter was a Canadian syndicated TV show that ran for 3 seasons between 1999 to 2002.  The show starred 90's sex symbol Tia Carrere as a professor who traveled the world looking for ancient and supernatural relics ala Indiana Jones.

In this episode from the shows first season Sydney (Carrare) gets a message from a sick friend in Brussels who believes his girlfriend is a vampire who is trying to kill him and in order to break her spell needs an artifact called the Sacred Sundial of Zeus.

After some investigation Sydney confirms that Eric's girlfriend Suzanne (Jane March) is a part of a vampire cult but she is not a full member and isn't aware that she is draining her boyfriends lifeforce away.  When she overhears Syney confront the cult leader about her plans for Suzanne she ends up helping Sydney fight her way out of the cults lair with the Sundial in order to save her boyfriends life.    

Zeta Graff (Emanuelle)
Emanuelle is the cult leader.   Upon meeting Sydney despite her constantly beating up her minions Emanuelle is friendly and inviting to her.  She admires Sydney's strength and wants nothing more than to have her join the cult.  Being the leader she is also the only vampire to fang out in the episode which happens in one quick scene at the end of the episode.

Side Notes...
- The show deals with vampires again in Season 3: Episode 7 "Vampires Kiss" but no females with fangs in that one.
- Show regular Lindy Booth played a vamp in the 1999 film "Teenage Space Vampires".

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